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"No more migraines!"

"I've been drinking Noni for 7 months now and I can't believe the difference its made. I use to get headaches and migraines every second week, since I started drinking Noni, no more headaches or migraines and as a plus, Noni gives me that extra boost to get out of bed in the morning. Thanks Life Health I'll be drinking this for years to come!"

Mitchell Grant

"I feel energetic all day now"

"I drink Noni every morning just after I wake up, it gives me all the energy I need for the day. I was first put onto Life Health Noni by a friend and have never looked back, they are always great to deal with and never late on delivery. I recommend trying Life Health Noni, you'll feel the difference immediately."

Jessica Zhang

"Has Replaced All Previous supplements And Medicines We Use To Take."

"In the three years to date that we have been drinking Noni juice, we have not required the assistance of any other supplements or medicines, had the need to seek medical consultation and have not been affected by viral illnesses.

As our wellness continues to improve, we are more active and enthusiastic now than we were even ten years ago. People that have not seen us in sometime are amazed at the difference in our outward appearance and general enthusiasm.

The only thing we have added to our diet is Noni juice. We have always tried to source the most wholesome and nutritious foods we could afford, and been mindful of the need to exercise.

For us the Noni has changed our lives!"

"People don't really believe that this can change your health"

"People really don't believe that this can change your health, especially English doctors, who would much prefer you to take inhalers for the rest of your life and worry about any problems that these may cause  later.  The only thing I know is that it didn't work instantly it did take about three months before I realised that I could stop using my inhaler altogether.  The last prescription I had from my doctor was because I wanted to take an inhaler away with me to New Zealand (just in case) I did have an inhaler but it had passed it's use by date.  I am now telling my friends about your product and your web site."

Jean Manning, UK

"I took a dose of Noni and immediately felt my normal energy return."

"I certainly think Noni juice is a wonderful product.  The other day I was feeling really exhausted having had red wine and too much mousse for dessert.  I took a dose of Noni and immediately felt my normal energy return.  It saved an hour of being slumped in a chair sleeping or being unconscious one way or another!   Hope to come to NZ one day and visit your farm."

Patsy Marshall, USA

"Lost 24 pounds in the first 8 months"

"Hi, I've taken Noni Juice for over 1 year now and works fine for me. Lost 24 pounds in the first 8 month. It takes about 1 month before I felt any changes. Like this company here due to the price and the free delivery."

Maria Rudger, USA

"I used Noni for getting rid of my nicotine addiction"

"I used Noni for getting rid of my nicotine addiction and it was so easy, the first 2 days when the toxins were being released was the worst, after that I hardly felt any cravings for tobacco."

Leif Larson, Sweden

"...the enormous swelling went down, along with pain-levels. It was dramatically quick!"

"In March '04 my right knee collapsed owing to a slipped disc.... My knee had been compressed for 40 years, and I wasn't surprised when it stopped working and locked nearly solid. My doctor said... kindly!... 'It's the worst knee I've ever seen. It's bone on bone and your nutritional supplements can't mend THAT, I'm afraid. I'll book you in for urgent joint-replacement surgery.'  I was in terrible pain... couldn't walk, sit, stand, think, do my housework, or sleep. Crawled about on crutches. Felt very depressed.

A week after starting to drink Noni juice the enormous swelling went down, along with pain-levels. It was dramatically quick. It was, however, a few months before I was properly mobile, and I still take stairs fairly steadily. But by mid-July I could bend my knee sufficiently to ride my bicycle again!"

Iris Heaton, Southampton, UK 



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